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According to my Google search, Best Baby Shower Gift could be stroller organizer, nursing cover, night nanny care, babysitting gift cards, SPA time and PHOTOGRAPHY GIFT CERTIFICATES! I am infinitely happy to found out that people value the fleeting moments not less then baby gear or other stuff. I have attended to about 10 Baby Showers in the past and I just love the idea of this party.

Did you know that tea parties became showers, involving handmade gifts for the mother in the early 1900s? During the baby boom era after WWII, the Baby Shower became a means for friends and family to lessen the financial burden of caring for a newborn, while honouring the impending transition to motherhood. But, the ancient Baby Showers took place in Egypt and Greece, when families celebrated the act of bringing new life into the world. Do you want to know how it all started? Read more…

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

First of all everyone who is going to attend to a Baby Shower party will ask the mom-to-be about her wishes and necessary baby stuff. Of course, it is a right way to choose a present. But, just imagine how nice to receive unexpected gifts. Mom-to-be will be overwhelmed! Because memories are priceless! Certainly, if you are looking to give a gift to cherish forever, Photography Gift Certificates will be the best choice.

Victoria Vasilyeva Photography offers Maternity, FRESH 48 or Newborn Photography packages for Baby Shower gifts.  You can purchase photography gift certificates for someone you love everywhere in Triangle area. The gift certificate can be sent the beautifully packaged gift certificate to the recipient’s address with a special note from you! Shipping is complimentary. If you need a last minute Gift Card, you can also contact Victoria Vasilyeva Photography to come pick one up. Another way to get it is E-Gift card. It can be sent for you to download. Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount and are non-refundable. Gift certificates expire in 12 months.

A gift card for a professional newborn photography session is once of those gifts that is truly priceless.




newborn photographer raleigh nc

raleigh newborn photography fresh 48 session

lifestyle newborn photoshoot Best Baby Shower Gift

Happy parents will cherish these photos a lifetime and never forget those brand new moments with their little one.

in hospital newborn photography fresh 48 session

infant photo session raleigh

raleigh newborn photo session

fresh 48 in-hospital photo session Best Baby Shower Gift

lifestyle newborn photographer in wakemed raleigh

A photograph NEVER grows up.

newborn fresh 48 photo session Best Baby Shower Gift

lifestyle newborn photo session in raleigh


To get information about Gift Certificates or to book your Photo Session, please CONTACT ME and I will get in touch with you shortly. I offer family photo sessionengagement photo session, maternity photo session, kids photo session, FRESH 48 photo session  and lifestyle newborn photo session.

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