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Fresh 48 sessions are some of my favorites. They are relaxed, unposed, natural, and capture the raw beauty of a fresh brand new baby, and the glowing and proud family, so in love. The top priority of Fresh 48 Photographer is always to provide you with a collection of images with beautiful candid moments with your sweet little one.

Fresh 48 photo session is when I come to visit you at the hospital, birth center or in home during first 48 hours after the baby’s birth. The idea of this session is to capture this beautiful fleeting moment. The time where you just get to relax and cuddle your new baby. If the first two days is too soon, I completely understand that. If you have had a caesarian section, the first two days are not fun. You may like to book in day number 3, when you feel more energetic, and can get out of bed.

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