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Every single family has its own traditions and unique way of living. Most of it usually comes from our fathers and will be passed to our children. One of those, the dearest to the heart, family relics is the family photo album. It’s very important to know and remember your roots and the history of your family. Old photos in your family album can help you to get some feeling of those old times and will let you know your family and yourself a little bit better. That’s why I believe that Family Photo Session is a very special event for every family and for myself as kids and family photographer.

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I really enjoy photo sessions for few generations of the big family being together. I’m always trying to take photos of your family in a real-life and very natural. First of all, I love to demonstrate real feelings and emotions on the photos I make, so they will definitely take their place in your family album. The real joy of family reunion or sincere tears before parting, sports games on the weekend and fishing at the lake, cooking pies together or books reading, sincere hugs and kisses with your loved ones. These are the moments I’m willing to save for your family album.

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