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Welcome, Sweet Baby Viola

This gorgeous tiny princess joined her Mom, Dad, and big sister and began her life adventures on Monday in June. As a REX Women’s Center FRESH 48 Newborn Photographer I was the lucky one to capture some of her first family moments. I so loved my hour with them in that hospital room. She let me take my time with her, discovering all of her little details, capturing this new, unique little life. Here are a few favorites from her FRESH 48 newborn photo session.


newborn photo session rex hospital phottographer

Very first meeting with a little sister is unforgettable!

fresh 48 newborn photo session raleigh

Baby’s name and Birthday:

-Viola, June 3rd 2019

City you’re from:


Was she early, ontime or past due?

-She was past due, 8 days

How did you decide on your child’s name?

-We have two options for our baby girl: Abigail and Viola, bit as soon as we saw her, me and my husband said at the same time – Viola!

Sleeps all night or Parties all the time?

-She is a very good sleeper, sometimes I am waking up during the night just because it’s too quiet.

Snuggler or Ms. Independent:

We have to snuggle her sometimes, but usually Ms. Independent.

Favorite song:

Twinkle twinkle little star

Favorite thing to do:

-Her favorite thing to do … hmmm probably smiling and eating

Three words that describe your child:

She is just a chill baby 🍼

What is the best piece of parenting advice you’ve received?

-Relax and enjoy parenting, and always have bottle of wine at your house – when you feeling that everything going out of control – open it!

raleigh newborn photographer

newborn photography rex hospital

first meeting with a little sister

in-hospital newborn photo session

FRESH 48 Newborn Photo Session At REX Women’s Center

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12 thoughts on “REX Women’s Center FRESH 48 Newborn Photographer | Welcome, Sweet Baby Viola

  1. What a beautiful fresh 48 session. You captured all the important moments and the big sis is adorable!

  2. Fresh 48 Sessions for newborns are so precious being able to capture all the beautiful moments that happen more so having the images of the childs first moments is so great. Viola is a beautiful name. Love that you captured so much love they share.

  3. What a beautiful session! Mom and Dad must be over the moon to have these photos to take them right back to the first 48 hours! Well done!

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