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Fresh 48 Newborn Photography | REX Hospital Fresh 48 Photo Session | Welcome, Baby Maxim!

FRESH 48 NEWBORN PHOTOGRAPHY | REX HOSPITAL FRESH 48 PHOTO SESSION | WELCOME, BABY MAXIM! FALL… This time of the year is absolutely overwhelming for all photographers. I would like to photograph all my clients and make them happy with some new gorgeous family pictures during colorful and bright Fall months. I have had unbelievable … Read more

In-home Lifestyle Newborn Photo Shoot | Newborn Photography Chapel Hill NC

In-Home Lifestyle Newborn Photo Shoot in Chapel Hill, NC |Professional Newborn Photographer |Lifestyle Newborn Photography Last month, I had the opportunity to photograph one wonderful family! Firstly I would like to say, five seconds after walking into their beautiful Chapel Hill home, I already knew what an amazing Lifestyle Newborn Photo Shoot this one would … Read more

FRESH 48 Photography | WakeMed Raleigh Hospital

FRESH 48 Photography | Welcome, Sweet Baby!  FRESH 48 sessions are perfect to capture first yawns, cute little fingers, flaky skin, belly button of your newborn baby. I never forget about tiny toes! In other words, FRESH 48 photography is a very special session for those families who want to keep memories of the very first few … Read more

Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer | REX Women’s Center in Raleigh, NC

Fresh 48 Newborn Photographer at REX Women’s Center in Raleigh, NC Every single time when I have an opportunity to be a Fresh 48 newborn photographer for my dear clients, I regret so much that I haven’t had such newborn photo sessions with my own kids.  My older sons were born in Russia. Unfortunately, the strong … Read more

FRESH 48 Newborn Photo Session At WakeMed Raleigh

FRESH 48 newborn photo session | Baby Brooklyn I’m so excited to share FRESH 48 newborn photo session that took place at WakeMed Raleigh campus. Lisa and I got connected through a wonderful support group for moms on Facebook. I got to talk to her about Fresh 48 photography when she was about 36 weeks along with … Read more

Hospital Newborn Photo Session ( FRESH 48 ) In WakeMed Raleigh

FRESH 48 Photo Session in WakeMed Hospital Happy Monday! I am thrilled to announce my first ever Fresh 48 photo session in WakeMed hospital! My congratulation to P Family and Welcome to the world, baby Alexandra! I have no words to describe my own feelings during this newborn photo session. My sons has grown up and meeting with this adorable … Read more