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Newborn Photo Session Raleigh NC | 11 Days Old Baby James

Newborn Photo Session Raleigh NC | 11 Days Old Baby James

I am so thrilled to share my recent Newborn Photo Session Raleigh NC and welcome the sweetest and cutest baby James! He was just 11 days old at the moment of his first photo session ever. I headed to James’s home to capture those first days after being home from hospital with his Mom Gina, Dad James and Big Sisters Jordan and Julie. This bundle of joy did a great job and was very well behaved during whole session long. It was such a relaxed lifestyle newborn session going with the flow with everyone playing with James naturally. We did some photos outside, in the family room, and James’s nursery. The light was gorgeous gleaming through the windows too. Such a gorgeous family. Congratulations again guys! He’s so adorable! Enjoy this series of images below! Can’t wait to meet all of you again!

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In-home Lifestyle Family Photo Session | Photographer in Chapel Hill, NC

In-home Lifestyle Family Photo Session in Chapel Hill, NC

In-home lifestyle family photo session is not just an ordinary photo session for your photo album. It will keep those little things that we don’t notice every day, but all of them will become the priceless memories afterwards. Your favorite pillows on the couch, wall clocks, children’s pictures in frames, souvenirs bought during your last journey, dear vase on a shelf, or a bouquet on a table. They are like the pieces of your puzzle of your life. 

Victoria Vasilyeva Photography is the go to photographer for in-home lifestyle family photo session – Chapel Hill, North Carolina

In-home Lifestyle Family Photo Session is one of my favorite photography styles. Every single time when I watch my own photo album, I wonder how fast the life changes. Looking through it, I remember the day when we choose and brought at home our new puppy (he was the cutest), but today he is 5 years old dog. I love the photographs of seedlings in brown pots, that my kids planted with a granny, photographs with dear old red bike that became a gift to our neighbor because it was to small for kids, or photographs with books on a shelf that we read before the bedtime, and many-many other dear photographs. They always melt my heart and one day they will be inherited by my kids.

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In-home Family Photo Session

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in-home family photo session

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