Holly Springs Pediatrics | 4 Best Clinics You Need to Check Out!

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Finding the right pediatric clinic can be a tough challenge for new parents. That’s why I’ve gathered what I consider the four best Holly Springs Pediatrics, and I’m sharing why I love them. I am certain you will find the right clinic for your family. 

Holly Springs Pediatric Clinics

1. Holly Springs Pediatrics

I will start with what I consider the best option in the area. I’ve been taking my three children to Holly Springs Pediatrics since 2013, and Dr. Nilova is an amazing and professional doctor who speaks Russian and English.

This clinic offers basic services such as sick visits, well-child exams, regular exams, hearing and vision screening, and some other specialized care like the colonization of warts and skin lesions and ADD/ADHD initial and maintenance visits.

They also have a very interactive and resourceful website where you will find a lot of information on different medication and their dosage, some educational videos about conditions like asthma, a symptom checker, and resources on international travel, development, and much more!

I cannot stress enough the trust I have in this clinic. They provide one-on-one care and focus on creating a safe and comfortable medical home for your children as they change and grow up. With Holly Springs Pediatrics, I can assure you your kids will be in the hands of professionals that will do everything in their power to keep them healthy. And you can find more about them here.

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2. Duke Primary Care Pediatrics at Holly Springs

Next up, we have Duke Primary Care Pediatrics. This clinic’s pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners will take care of your kids, offering basic services like well-child and sick visits, immunizations, physical exams, and development screenings. They are one of the most complete Holly Springs Pediatrics you can find.

Their care will see newborns, children, teens, and adolescents for all check-ups, including vision screenings, vaccinations, ongoing care for chronic conditions and common illnesses, and behavioral evaluations for ADHD, depression, and anxiety.

They also offer accommodations such as large, quiet rooms for children that might require special attention because of complex health needs. A unique service they can provide is lactation counseling, where certified consultants guide mothers through breastfeeding, ensuring that concerns and doubts can be addressed properly and in time.

Regarding after-hours care, triage nurses are always on call for established patients and can answer questions or provide advice in non-life-threatening situations. They also can provide urgent care at Duke Urgent Care Holly Springs, located in the same building but on the first floor.

Finally, this clinic can also refer you and your children to specialists if needed, ensuring that your kids get the help and care they require at any given point. This is done through coordinating with the other departments that Duke Health has to offer.

The greatest benefit of this clinic is the network of specialists and specialized care centers they have to offer outside of their pediatric care, which can come in handy if your kids require that kind of medical attention.

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3. Starlight Pediatrics

Starlight Pediatrics is another clinic that provides children with quality service and certified professionals that can diagnose and treat various illnesses and conditions. They offer the basics of pediatric care, such as sick visits for same-day appointments and after-hours care, treatment for acute illnesses, and preventive care for kids of all ages, including newborns and young adults.

One of the special services you can find at this clinic is their on-site laboratory testing services available to assess certain conditions quickly. They can also provide in-office pregnancy testing for teenagers and even pulmonary function tests for asthma.

Regarding referrals to other specialties in pediatric care, Starlight Pediatrics can refer patients for specialized dermatology care (great for teenagers dealing with acne), allergy testing, COVID testing, and chronic health conditions.

This clinic can also perform developmental screenings on-site. It can help parents with conditions such as ADHD and autism, providing the care necessary for their children to perform adequately in school and their social life.

Lastly, this pediatric clinic provides services such as medically supervised ear piercings, lactation support, and newborn care services. All of this is focused on providing growing families with the information, care, and support they need to address parenthood’s challenges.

Overall, this clinic offers certain care that you won’t find in other clinics and depending on the needs of your kids and family; this can be the right fit for you and the medical care that you might find useful.

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4. Jeffers, Mann & Artman Pediatric

Last but not least, I present to you Jeffers, Mann & Artman Pediatric. This clinic has a strong and clear vision and philosophy that focuses on a family-centered approach to medical care. This means that they will prioritize your children’s health through a team effort of health professionals.

This clinic offers the experience of physicians working in the Triangle area for almost 30 years, with the expertise necessary to provide families with adequate care. Jeffers, Mann & Artman also offers the convenience of having six different locations around the Triangle area, with one of them being located in Holly Springs.

They specialize in conditions such as asthma and ADHD but also provide an approach based on a healthy lifestyle. Healthy living is how this clinic promotes and educates parents and children on building healthy and adequate habits that will keep their kids healthy and prevent any illness from causing harm to them.

Although this pediatric clinic does not offer the specialized care that other clinics may offer, it finds its strengths in preventing and promoting a healthy lifestyle. They also differentiate themselves from other clinics with their remote attention, telemedicine, and 24/7 care services, all supported by their interactive and easy-to-use website, where you’ll find everything you need as a parent.

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Top 4 Holly Springs Pediatrics

Now it’s time for you to choose the Holly Springs Pediatrics clinic that suits your family’s needs; I’m sure one of my favorite four will be the best fit for you. They are patient-oriented and take great care of families who put their children’s health in their hands. 

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