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During your pregnancy, you will attend many doctor appointments, but some of them will be more exciting than others, especially when you see your little one growing and moving. Unfortunately, at the doctor’s office, you get little time to enjoy those moments, often, your family gets left out, and you don’t keep memories of such moments. But this won’t be an issue anymore because Little Bellies Ultrasound offers you 2D/3D/4D or 5D/HD ultrasounds and plenty of services to pamper you.

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Little Bellies Ultrasound & Pregnancy Spa

Have you ever heard about a pregnancy spa? Not likely because they aren’t common, Little Bellies Ultrasound knows how important it is to keep a mother comfortable during the exhausting pregnancy stage. Their team of professionals, well-equipped facilities, and state-of-the-art technology will help you enjoy your ultrasound and spa services.

In addition to the 2D/3D/4D or 5D/HD ultrasounds, they offer services like DNA gender tests, relaxing prenatal massages, stretch mark therapy, and more. You can rest knowing you and your baby are in the hands of a team of OB/GYN doctors and professionals who know exactly how to care for you and your family. They offer fast turnaround times, and you get immediate photos and videos sent to your phone so you can share the great news with friends and family.

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One of the main services Little Bellies Ultrasound offers is ultrasound. Their packages are based on your weeks of pregnancy and include 2D/3D/4D or 5D/HD ultrasounds. Each is in a different stage of your pregnancy, depending on the purpose you seek. For example, during weeks 5 to 13, they have an early pregnancy package, a 15 minutes 2D ultrasound to confirm pregnancy and discover the baby’s size and due date.

By week 18 and after, you can choose the meet your baby package, this ultrasound can last 15 or 25 minutes, and you can see your baby in 2D, 3D, 4D, or 5D/HD. You will also confirm the baby’s gender and view and listen to your baby’s heartbeat. Every package includes printed photos, and you will also receive ultrasound images and videos directly to your smartphone as an ad on Little Bellies Ultrasound provides an 8Krealistic view. Hence, you get to see your little one face in the most realistic image possible.

Little Bellies Spa recommends getting a 2D, 3D, 4D, or 5D/HD ultrasound at least three times during the pregnancy so you can see multiple stages of your little one. From weeks 15 to 25, you can hear the baby’s heartbeat and discover the gender. During weeks 26 to 32, your baby has the perfect size for a 3D or 4D ultrasound; you will see facial features and plenty of movements. After week 33, your not-so-little one has taken so much room in your uterus it will make it hard to know what you are seeing, so they recommend visiting earlier for best results.

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Pregnancy Spa

The aches of pregnancy and postpartum are often uncomfortable and prevent you from enjoying such a sweet moment in life. The Little Bellies Ultrasound and Spa team is ready to take you in and help you relax. Offering 50 to 80 minutes massages both prenatal and postnatal, from relaxing techniques to deep tissue ones and even Swedish massage. You will find one to suit your needs and help your body during this stage.

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DNA Gender Test

Have you ever heard those stories about couples whose doctors told them their baby was a girl, and when they welcomed their little one, it was a boy? Yes, after you painted those walls in a specific tone of purple and carefully picked a name for your girl, you have to start all over while you hold your boy. If those stories are frightening, I highly recommend getting a DNA gender test with Little Bellies Ultrasound.

The DNA gender tests are performed by a licensed phlebotomist, with early gender prediction starting at eight weeks of pregnancy. The Peekaboo® Gender Reveal Test is designed to provide information regarding the presence or absence of the male Y chromosome in a blood sample taken from the mother-to-be. This test holds an accuracy of 99.5% and combined with ultrasound; you won’t have any doubts about the gender of your little one.

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Other Services

In addition to Little Bellies Ultrasound’s main services, you can enjoy their exclusive stretch mark therapy with products like pregnancy stretch mark prevention oil or cream. They have spacious rooms where you can fit friends and extended family. There are packages including ultrasound and massage, baby growth add-on which provides information about your baby’s position, placenta position, baby weight, measurements, movements, and heart activity.

Choose Little Bellies Ultrasound

The services offered by Little Bellies Ultrasound combined with your doctor’s appointment are ideal for keeping track of your little one growth and getting to see its every movement. Since many doctors only offer 2D or 3D ultrasounds and they are focused on the medical portion, you are most likely not to enjoy those moments.

Having the opportunity to watch your baby from the moment you only see a tiny circle until you get to see a full-grown human, especially seeing your little one face in 8K realistic view, which is so close to what you will see once you meet your baby, is priceless. Making your appointment is simple, and Little Bellies Ultrasound has many locations across the country. Their friendly team of experts will make your visit a breeze.

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