Criss-cross newborn baby's legs with flaky skin swaddled in cozy knitted grey blanket. Baby photo session took place at Victoria Vasilyeva Photography Studio in Apex NC

As an Apex newborn photographer, I am gifted with the opportunity to celebrate and capture the precious moments of life’s earliest days. Each day, I can hold, swaddle, and bask in the sweet scent of newborn cheeks. I am constantly amazed by how quickly babies grow, and it is a privilege to preserve those memories through my lens. I understand there may be many questions and concerns regarding the newborn photography process, so I am dedicated to answering the most common FAQs in this article. Join me as I guide you through the magical world of newborn photography.

Sleeping newborn baby girl is laying on left side and smiling. Photo was taken at Apex newborn photo studio.

Victoria Vasilyeva Photography – Apex Newborn Photographer

When to book a newborn photographer?

Booking your newborn photography session during the second trimester of pregnancy is the ideal time to ensure a smooth and stress-free experience. By starting early, you’ll have the time to get to know me, your Apex newborn photographer, and I will get to know your family, the details you want to include in your newborn session, and the context in which your baby arrives.

We will also have time to choose family outfits and plan for other special touches that will make the photos truly reflective of your family and your life at the time of your baby’s birth. All these details will help tell the story of your family, your home, your habits, and even your pets, allowing me to capture the beauty of your new baby and the magic surrounding that precious life.

Tiny girl in grey knitted romper and hat is sleeping on a couch during her first ever photo session with Apex newborn photographer.

Apex newborn photographer | What is the best age for newborn photos?

I have always said newborns are only newborns for a few days; as time passes, you will soon see how they grow. They are more aware of their surroundings and have more movements with each passing day. That’s why I recommend you to book your session within the first 7 to 15 days of life. During that time, babies sleep longer, gifting us enough time to capture their cute little cheeks. It is also when they haven’t had skin changes causing them rashes or irritation, and I can capture their perfect flaky skin.

And I know you might be wondering how you are supposed to know when to book the session if you don’t know the exact day your baby is arriving. Well, not to worry, I will book you for your potential delivery dates during our meeting, so you will already be on my calendar. Once you arrive home with your little one is time to send me a text so we can schedule the actual date within 3 to 5 days after. This will give you and your baby enough time to settle at home and rest for your Apex newborn photographer to capture unique moments.

Newborn baby girl in knitted grey hat and romper is sleeping during photography session at Apex photo studio

Apex newborn photographer | How to prepare for a newborn session and what to expect?

As your Apex newborn photographer, I aim to capture your family in a documentary style, without awkward poses or fake moments. So, you don’t have to do much to prepare for your session because I want to capture natural moments like that look your partner gives you and your little one, the older siblings playing around and doing their thing, the beauty of your home, and the uniqueness of your family. To get to that point, I will send you a questionnaire, and based on your needs and wishes, I will offer options to bring those dreams to life.

What to wear for a family photo session with a newborn baby?

This question often has a simple answer, wear something comfortable and color-coordinated, right? Well, this answer has some depth for this Apex newborn photographer because I want to know a bit more to guide you on what to wear. For example, I would like to know the style of your home, where you plan to display your photos, what are your favorite colors, and what makes you feel comfortable.

All that information is key for me because included in your session, I will give you guidance to find the perfect family outfits. And you will also have access to the client’s wardrobe, a carefully curated selection of items in a wide range of sizes you can choose from. Or, if you prefer, I can recommend online shops and find perfect looks for the entire family. 2 to 3 weeks before the session, we will meet and finalize the outfits so you don’t have to spend hours guessing if they will look good in the pictures or if you are too color-coordinated; I will help you make this experience easy; and seamless at no additional cost.

9 days old baby wrapped in tan knitted blanket lays on rattan chair in Apex Photo Studio.

What precautions do you take to keep the baby safe and comfortable?

Safety is a priority for me, I make sure every prop I use is soft and made from natural materials, and every basket and item I use to lay your newborn is weighted, so your little one won’t tip over. I will ensure your baby is never unattended or not within arm’s reach. Most importantly, you can rest knowing I am a professional Apex newborn photographer, and every position I set your baby in is safe for its muscles and joints. Plus, your little one will be comfortable because I keep a calm and warm atmosphere during the photo session.

How long will it take to get my final images?

Your final photos will be ready within two weeks. If you need them before due to a pregnancy announcement or birth announcement, I can do my best to deliver before; just let me know in advance so I can work it out and have them ready so you can share them with your family and friends.

Sleeping newborn baby girl is laying on left side and smiling. Photo was taken at Apex newborn photo studio.

Apex Newborn Photography Studio

Newborn photography is a unique and special way to preserve the memories of those first days of life. By addressing the most frequently asked questions, I hope to have provided a clearer understanding of the process and what to expect. Remember, booking early is key to ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable experience, and don’t hesitate to ask your Apex newborn photographer any additional questions you may have. Above all, trust in your photographer’s expertise and know they are dedicated to capturing the magic of your new baby, preserving those memories for a lifetime.

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