5 Amazing Places for Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC

best places for Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC for your newborn

Placentas are the communication bridge between mothers and babies; during pregnancy, a healthy placenta allows to exchange of nutrients and blood. Once the baby is born, you can choose to encapsulate your placenta with one of the 5 placenta encapsulation Raleigh NC services and ingest it after to have access to all its benefits, such as a decrease of postpartum disorders, a higher oxytocin production, increased of iron levels, and even increase breastmilk production. 

5 Placenta Encapsulation Services in Raleigh for Amazing Benefits.

When you start looking for Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC, services, you will find plenty of options. Still, not all of them offer a full service, including the company of doulas, labor support, and even postpartum support. That’s why I have my top 5 favorites, and I am sharing them with you.  

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Doulas of Raleigh 

When you look for a professional labor assistant who offers not only physical but also emotional support, then you should consider Doulas of Raleigh. They offer labor assistance, postpartum support, and Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC. The main focus is on properly managing your placenta with a hospital transport kit to safely transport it and then delivering between 75 to 125 placenta pills along with detailed consumption guidelines. 

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Carolina Doula Collective 

Carolina Doula Collective is a great option for Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC, and they have a variety of services that keep you accompanied from pregnancy to postpartum. Their doulas have the goal of providing care, information, and support not only for you but also for your family. They offer multiple encapsulation methods with a cost of $300.00, including pick up of the placenta from your birth location and fast delivery of placenta pills. 

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Carolina Birth And Wellness 

If you are looking for the highest safety standards for your placenta, Carolina Birth and wellness offers top service when it comes to Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC. They only process placentas using the traditional Chinese medicine method, your placenta is prepared at your own home, and all their encapsulation specialists are certified in blood-borne pathogens and food safety preparation, so you can rest knowing you are only consuming your placenta. 

You can build the package you prefer, including services like placenta capsules, twin placenta capsules, placenta tincture, placenta print, and cord keepsake. Since they offer at-home preparation, their service area is limited to Orange County, Durham County, Wake County, and some of Chatham county. And if you need a holistic approach to your birth, Carolina Birth and Wellness offers complete care from fertility to birth and postpartum. 

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Birth and Beyond 

The postpartum period is not an easy stage for mothers because it comes with many emotions and changes, but Birth and Beyond is here to help with their amazing Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC services. Following traditional Chinese medicine methods, they prepare the placenta by removing the amniotic sac and umbilical cord. Then they proceed to wash, steam, dehydrate, and grind the placenta until it is a very fine powder. Once it is ready, it will be encapsulated in vegan capsules so you can enjoy all the benefits.  

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Triangle Doulas of Color 

Doulas are the perfect combination of professional training and personal care, and when you are pregnant and getting ready for birth, that’s exactly what you need. Triangle Doulas of Color offers a wide range of services, including birth, postpartum, and Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC packages. Their package includes placenta capsules, placenta prints, umbilical cord keepsakes, and tinctures at the cost of $275. 

In addition to the placenta encapsulation package, they also offer an empowered birth package including a team of two doulas, up to three prenatal visits, help to choose a provider, and birth and postpartum planning. Hence, you feel completely comfortable with your birth plan. Continuous support, natural and holistic alternatives to minimize medical interventions, up to two hours of immediate postpartum support, and breastfeeding support, among many other perks. Your birth experience will be like no other and filled with the energy and peace you search for. 

Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC

The services offered by these amazing 5 providers are holistic; they are involved not only in picking up your placenta and turning it into capsules. They all understand how important birth is and why you want to encapsulate your precious placenta. It is about supporting your decision and being with you throughout the process. That’s why they also offer the option of having their doulas as emotional support through the birth and even postpartum stages. 

Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC services offer professional care for your placenta, ensuring the safe handling and encapsulation process so you can get all the benefits you search for. Coming in at the right moment to pick up the placenta and give it the right treatment, it is on-site or at a different location. You can rest knowing any of my top 5 Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC picks are trustworthy and professional. 

Placenta Encapsulation Services

If you are considering Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC services, take a look at my top 5 and discover all their services and how they can help you during pregnancy and labor. Most of them offer postpartum services to ensure you adapt well to your new life. The millenary benefits of placenta consumption are undeniable, and you can make the most out of motherhood when you feel physically and emotionally well. 

Placenta Encapsulation is a magnificent alternative for mothers who experience high emotions during pregnancy or need to overcome the tough obstacles that come after birth. The service providers offering Placenta Encapsulation Raleigh NC will be your best company and make sure your first days and weeks of motherhood are memorable for you and your family. 

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