Why Moms Should Choose Sankofa Birth & Women’s Care

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Motherhood comes into our lives with many feelings, doubts, and questions. And as the time of birth comes closer, we seek to find support systems where we feel understood and cared for. Sankofa Birth welcomes every family, regardless of the definition you have for family, and treats everyone with the respect they deserve.

At Sankofa birth, they understand birth as a natural process every woman can undergo with little to no medical intervention. Simply with the guidance of community-based midwifery care. Low-risk pregnancies can be naturally attended at home, and Sankofa birth is your best option if you want an intimate, powerful, and magical experience.

The freedom you can experience being in your space at home is incomparable, and you can give birth without seeing doctors and nurses coming and going at all times. Homebirth implies you have control over the atmosphere and energy surrounding such an important moment in life. And the Sankofa birth team commits to respecting the natural psychological process of birth, reassuring you at any moment, and providing as much support and information as you need.


Sankofa birth & women’s care have one thing clear when a baby is born; a mother comes to life too. And giving her the proper care, support, and respect will have a big impact on her motherhood. That is why their team of experts is committed to providing personalized care to each family. No matter your community, citizenship, or budget, every family deserves a warm and high-quality birth experience. Diversity should be celebrated and not punished or marginalized.

One of their specialties is homebirth for low-risk pregnancies because they believe in the natural capacity of women to give birth without medical intervention. When the mother and baby are healthy, all they need is a comfortable space and know they can achieve what women have been doing for ages. Midwifery care gives each woman a center role during birth and an active one where she doesn’t just lie in a bed as everything happens. They humanize birth and turn it into a magical experience.

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Sankofa Birth & Women’s Care provides services for low-risk clients searching for a holistic and guided birth experience. And their amazing team accompanies you during all the stages, from conception, pregnancy, birth, to postpartum. And here is a bit more about their services.  

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Prenatal care.

Suppose you are considering a home birth but aren’t sure about it yet. Sankofa birth can offer you a no-cost consultation to meet and greet your potential midwife and establish a trusting relationship. Midwifery care is based on trust, and they encourage you to approach them and decide if homebirth is suitable for your medical background and needs.

When you choose home birth, you choose to have an active role during your pregnancy, and Sankofa birth will be there with you with prenatal visits once a month during the first and second trimesters. The first visits will include reviewing medical history, conducting a physical examination, and ordering prenatal labs.

At 30 weeks, they will start seeing you every two weeks until your 36 weeks of pregnancy. Then you will have weekly visits until it is time to meet your little one. With each visit, they will answer your questions, make physical assessments, palpate and measure your belly, and ensure your baby is growing and taking the proper position for birth.

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When the time comes, you will call Sankofa birth and tell them you are entering labor. Once you are in active labor, they will arrive with the necessary supplies and check everything is going well with you and your little one. During active labor, their team is ready to provide support, but they mainly encourage you to take action and interact with your support people. At Sankofa, they consider birth a sacred moment, so they prefer to be there but not hands-on.

Once your baby is born, you will have time to bond, breastfeed, and have privacy for at least an hour. Then your little one will have a newborn exam performed. The team stays for several hours until you and your baby are both safe, bonding, and you have voided and eaten.

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Postpartum and newborn care.

You will never be prepared for what comes after birth because during pregnancy so are so focused on finding out everything about pregnancy, birth, and keeping your baby safe as a newborn. But most women forget they too, need care. They are also being born as mothers. That’s why postpartum care is so important. Sankofa birth knows how important this stage is. That’s why they guide you and accompany you with follow-up visitations 24 hours after birth, 4 days after, 7 days after, and a call 2 weeks after.

Each visit will focus on your well-being, mental health, physical healing, emotional status, and support. Your baby will also be checked to see if growth and weight are going well; newborn screenings will be part of the 24 hours visit. When you reach 6 weeks postpartum, you will go to return to the office for a final checkup.

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Why choose Sankofa birth?

I believe that birth is a natural process. I was dreaming about home births with my two younger kids, but unfortunately, I didn’t find any support from my spouse. This was the deciding factor for me. I am sure that he could change his mind if we found personalized midwifery care at that time.

Knowing there is now an option for holistic care at birth where they focus on your needs and trust in you to be capable of giving birth without intervention makes me feel so happy because now women can have a sacred birth and a support system to empower them. Sankofa birth is the best option for families who wish to have an active role during their baby’s birth, regardless of their background, type of family, and financial conditions.

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