Your Clayton Newborn Photographer’s Ultimate Guide to Preparing for Your Session

A playful black cat, adorned with an elegant bow, adds a touch of whimsy to the scene, captivating the attention of the newborn baby girl. Captured by Clayton Newborn Photographer - Victoria Vasilyeva Photography.

Congratulations on your pregnancy! As you embark on this new chapter of parenthood, you’ll undoubtedly want to capture the fleeting moments of your newborn’s first days. As a Clayton Newborn Photographer, I offer in-home sessions to preserve these precious memories and to have a beautifully comfortable, and intimate experience.

To ensure your newborn photography session at home is a success, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you prepare and create a stress-free and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

A radiant mother cradles her newborn daughter in a boho-inspired maxi dress, her gentle touch reflecting the profound love between them. Captured by Clayton Newborn Photographer - Victoria Vasilyeva Photography.

Preparing for Your Portrait Session with
Clayton Newborn Photographer

Schedule Your Session Early

The ideal time to photograph a newborn is within the first two weeks of life, as babies are still sleepy and flexible during this period. Scheduling your session early will also give you ample time to prepare your home and ensure that you’re well-rested and relaxed for the photoshoot. I only accept a limited number of bookings (based on due date) each month to ensure my clients receive the highest quality of service and highly recommend considering the second trimester of your pregnancy as the ideal time to book.

A father protectively watches over his newborn daughter, his green t-shirt and tan pants reflecting his grounded and caring nature. Captured by Clayton Newborn Photographer - Victoria Vasilyeva Photography.

Choose the Outfits for Your Family and Baby

Selecting the perfect outfits for a family photo session, especially with a newborn, can be a daunting task. As a Clayton Newborn Photographer, I understand the importance of simplifying this process for my clients. That’s why I offer exclusive access to my client closet at no additional cost! I want your experience to be filled with excitement about creating beautiful memories, not stress about what to wear. My client closet features a carefully curated collection of stunning pieces in various sizes, colors, and textures for women, girls, and babies. Say goodbye to the hassle of shopping for coordinating outfits – I’ve taken care of it for you!

Professional Hair and Make-up

Preparing for a portrait session with your Clayton Newborn Photographer is not just about choosing the right outfits; it’s about creating an overall polished look that enhances the beauty of the moment. Consider investing in professional hair and makeup services, as these experts are trained to ensure you look your absolute best on camera. While your everyday makeup might look stunning in person, a skilled artist understands the nuances of photography, concealing imperfections, contouring for optimal light, and using colors that complement your skin. This pampering session not only enhances your appearance but transforms the photography experience into a luxurious and memorable journey. Moms, don’t forget the importance of well-manicured nails! With many poses involving your hands close to your precious newborn, ensuring your nails are in top shape adds that finishing touch to the overall aesthetic. Opt for classic choices like French manicures, light/natural colors, or even neatly trimmed, polish-free nails to ensure timeless elegance in every frame. Taking these extra steps guarantees that your family photos capture not just moments but a beautifully curated experience.

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Prepare Your Space

My favorite spaces for newborn portraits are often the living room, nursery, and master bedroom – intimate settings that beautifully showcase the tenderness of family bonds. As you prepare your home, remember that it doesn’t need to be flawless. Embrace the lived-in feel of your space; after all, it’s a reflection of your family. Rather than stressing about perfection, focus on a bit of tidying up – putting things where they belong and stashing the rest in a closet. Ensuring that coats aren’t draped on the couch and towels aren’t scattered on the bed creates a clean backdrop for our session. While you need not hire a professional cleaning service or embark on a redecoration spree, a quick wipe of windows and mirrors can make a significant difference. Clear surfaces of streaks or dust, as these details can stand out in photographs. As a Clayton Newborn Photographer, my goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere where you and your new baby can shine, surrounded by the authentic charm of your home.

A curious black cat, adorned with a stylish bow.

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Creating Lasting Memories with Clayton Newborn Photographer

Advice for Moms

If you’re a breastfeeding mama, consider steering clear of spicy foods for at least 2-3 days before the session. Spicy foods can contribute to gassiness in babies, potentially making posing a bit challenging. Additionally, it’s advisable to limit your caffeine intake, so skip the coffee or caffeinated drinks before and during the session. Given that babies tend to eat a lot, we want to accommodate those feeding moments seamlessly. Feel free to take breaks as needed to feed your little one, ensuring they stay content and happy throughout the session. By taking these small precautions, you’re not only contributing to a more relaxed atmosphere but also setting the stage for beautiful and stress-free family memories.

Prepare Snacks and Drinks

Since portrait sessions with newborns typically last 2-3 hours on average, having snacks and drinks on hand is a thoughtful touch. Ensure that you, your partner, and any siblings are well-nourished and hydrated throughout the session. Consider packing a variety of snacks that are easy to munch on and won’t create a mess, such as granola bars, fruit slices, or crackers. This simple preparation not only keeps everyone energized but also provides small breaks for relaxation, allowing the session to flow smoothly and capturing those genuine, heartwarming moments with your newborn.

A father's heart overflows with love as he gazes adoringly at his newborn daughter, his green t-shirt and tan pants complementing the serene atmosphere. Captured by Clayton Newborn Photographer - Victoria Vasilyeva Photography.

Be Patient, Relax, and Enjoy the Experience

To make the most of this special occasion, remember to enjoy the experience. Should your little one become fussy or alert during the session, there’s no need to worry. Babies can sense your anxiety, so keeping the environment calm is key. I want you to relax and savor this time with your new bundle of joy. If the baby isn’t sleeping or cooperating, don’t stress – I’m not in a rush, and I’m more than willing to extend the session time. Take some deep breaths, soak in the precious moments, and trust that these memories are worth capturing. As a Clayton Newborn Photographer, I understand that being in front of the camera can be nerve-wracking – I’m not a stranger to that feeling myself! However, I assure you that the joy and love you’ll see in these photos will far outweigh any initial nervousness. Embrace the experience, and rest assured that these memories will be treasured for a lifetime.

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How To Book Your Newborn Portrait Session?

Victoria Vasilyeva Photography is a Clayton newborn photographer who specializes in capturing the precious moments of newborn life and offers a variety of newborn photography collections to fit your needs. Contact me today to schedule a newborn session and capture the precious memories of your little one. I look forward to hearing from you and creating beautiful images that will last a lifetime.

Remember, the key to a successful newborn photography session is to be well-prepared, patient, and relaxed. By following these tips and choosing an experienced photographer, you can ensure that your in-home session is a positive and memorable experience that results in stunning photographs that will capture the essence of your newborn’s first days.





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