Why Natural Baby Doulas Are Every New Mama’s Dream Team

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Care and support are the two things that make or break your childbirth experience. With that in mind, it becomes crucial to figure out the way you want things to happen before, during, and after labor. Having a doula involved in this process is the best way to ensure your physical and emotional comfort, making birth a positive experience focused on a calm and empowering environment. A doula offers personalized support throughout this beautiful process, focusing on the experience and needs of the mother. When it comes to doula services, Natural Baby Doulas is the best option in the North Carolina Triad area, and here you’ll find everything you need to know about this amazing team.

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About Natural Baby Doulas


Natural Baby Doulas services are not limited to labor, but rather a holistic approach with both prenatal meetings and birth care. Before your child’s birth, you’ll get guidance from this team of six professional doulas who will help you write a birth plan and suggest classes, books, and articles for this process. They work alongside you to know what works best for you and show you everything you need to know about birth so you’re comfortable and anxiety-free in the moments of labor.
When labor comes, you’ll have an on-call doula join you when you’re ready and accompany you through the entire experience, massaging, encouraging, and taking care of your needs, as well as offering pain management measures.

They also offer other services related to birth, such as in-person and online childbirth education, breastfeeding support through classes and support groups, placenta encapsulation, and resources you might need for your child’s birth.

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Postpartum Care

Adjusting to life after birth can be overwhelming, that’s why Natural Baby Doulas offers postpartum assistance with everything you need to help you through the adaptation process. Whether you need help with taking care of your child or with organizing your house, they have you covered. Three specialized doulas are available to help you with light housekeeping, breastfeeding assistance, infant care help and education, meal preparation, running errands, sleep solutions, baby soothing, and much more.
They know just how much it takes to care for a newborn, and how this task can become too much, especially when having other responsibilities besides childcare.

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Doulas can specialize in certain areas of childbirth-related areas, and Natural Baby Doulas have many certifications that qualify them for specialized care. While their whole team is certified doulas, some have specialized in placenta encapsulation, lactation, postpartum care, and education.
These specialties are the best tools for personalized care since every doubt and trouble you might have during this process can be addressed by each expert doula at your disposal.

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Natural Baby Doulas in Greensboro, NC

The all-around care that is offered by these doulas is one of a kind and the perfect option for those who are looking for guidance and assistance during this amazing yet difficult process. Knowing the extent of Natural Baby Doula’s care, you can be certain your needs as a soon-to-be mother will be taken care of in the best way possible.

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