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Whether you are a new mom or adding another little one to the family, the extra help you can receive from a doula can make all the difference. A doula is a trained individual who can provide emotional and physical support from the time you find out you are pregnant until childbirth. While doulas are not doctors, they are fully trained and can be at your side anytime you need them. That’s why I’ve done a search and found one of the best doulas in the area: Emerald Doulas

About Emerald Doulas

Owners Melanie Patrick and Ashley Collins wanted to create a personalized and inclusive community for new and expectant families. With gentle guidance and nurturing, the team at Emerald Doulas takes a collaborative approach to be a part of your birth and postpartum care. This means being a great addition instead of replacing the people already involved in your journey. This doula location is home to 11 birth doulas, 12 postpartum doulas, and six educators. This location is also trans-inclusive!


When choosing Emerald Doulas, you will receive prenatal and birth prep, labor support, and ongoing guidance after the birth of your baby. You will also have the opportunity to plan for your delivery and meet new parents through prenatal community meetings. 

The Postpartum doulas focus on restorative and compassionate support for the entire family. As a client of Emerald Doulas, you’ll have access to their library of items such as DVDs, books, baby carriers, and breastfeeding pillows. Moreover, you will be able to take advantage of other services, including: 

  • Parent and Baby Bonding Guidance
  • Infant Soothing Advice
  • Basic Babywearing Advice
  • Big Sibling Transition Guidance (if needed)
  • Registry and Nursery Set-up Guidance
  • NICU Transition Support (if required)

Emerald Doulas also offers sibling care during birth and post-partum so parents can bond with their new baby. They also offer newborn care so parents can connect with their older children. Making sure they feel equally loved and supported is essential after a new little one arrives. In addition, Emerald Doulas can assist with errand running, light housekeeping, family laundry, and meal and snack preparation during your postpartum phase. 

In addition to the more traditional doula offerings, Emerald Doulas gives parents optional services to improve their experience. For example, they will support you with lactation and infant feeding with prenatal consultations, in-person consultations, follow-up visits, bottle feeding support, and virtual infant feeding services. In addition, Emerald Doulas offers placenta services such as basic Heated Method Encapsulation, Placenta Print, and Placenta Tincture. Another option for your labor experience is a tens unit rental, which would give you gentle, non-medicinal care for relieving that labor discomfort. Finally, a virtual doula concierge service is available if you do not want to receive the full doula experience but still seek expert guidance. 


If you are searching for education during your birth journey, you couldn’t find a better doula service than Emerald Doulas. This location offers a variety of courses you can be a part of. Childbirth Education is provided for new parents to learn about all things childbirth. The Childbirth Refresher is available for those who are giving birth again but need a quick refresher or sibling support. The VBAC Preparation Class helps moms prepare for a VBAC and what to expect. Finally, Infant Feeding and Newborn Care teach parents everything they need to know about bringing their baby home.

Emerald Doulas also offers specialty classes that are unique to their company! The Spinning Babies® Parent Class shows the baby’s role in birth, ways to help the baby’s positioning during pregnancy, and have a more effortless labor experience. Hypnobabies at Emerald Doulas display techniques for deep relaxation during labor and a more comfortable birth. The Big Siblings Class helps parents talk to their other children about the special nature of being promoted to a big sibling. The Modern Grandparent is a class offered as a refresher on infant care and bridging the generational gap for grandparents. Finally, the Pumping, Storage, and Going Back To Work class helps moms get ready for work when needing to pump.


Emerald Doula offers so much support to new parents. Their support groups include:

  • Pregnancy Support Group
  • New Moms Group
  • LGBTQ New Parents Group
  • Moms Of Color Support Group

Emerald Doulas

If you’re looking for a helping hand in your pregnancy journey, look no further than right in your community! Emerald Doulas will be there to assist you with your wants and needs so you can have the best and most positive pregnancy and birthing experience!

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