3 Cary’s Top Prenatal Massage Spots to Soothe Your Body and Soul

Prenatal Massage Cary NC

Prenatal massages offer much-needed relief for mothers who are going through the motions of both physical and emotional changes during a pregnancy. The benefits offered by this kind of massage range from easing back pain to bettering circulation and reducing stress, as well as a safe and effective way to relax during these times of rapid changes.
Although regular massages are already a great source of relaxation, prenatal massages are tailored specifically to the needs and areas of concern of pregnant women. It’s no wonder they’re becoming increasingly popular and even recommended by health and birth professionals. So if you’re looking for the right fit for you, you can join me as we go through my top three picks for prenatal massages in Cary, NC.

Beautiful mom-to-be in boho maxi dress is staying near blooming bush. She is holding a brunch with her right hand and looking to her left. Maternity photo session took place near Prenatal Massage Cary NC studio by Victoria Vasilyeva Photography.

3 Top Prenatal Massage Studios in Cary, NC


First, we have Spavia, a studio offering a variety of customized massage treatments, amongst which there is a maternity massage, specially crafted for the needs of expectant mothers. This massage option can be either 60 minutes or 80 minutes, with many benefits associated with it. If you’re looking for a prenatal massage in Cary that will alleviate fatigue, sciatic pain, and muscle ache, while also working against liquid retention and promoting circulation, Spavia is the place for you. One thing to keep in mind is that this package is available for second and third trimesters only.

Expecting parents are having fun in the park near prenatal massage studio in Cary, NC. They wear tan and brown clothes. Mom has beautiful floral maxi dress and long wavy hair. Dad kisses mom to hear ear. Mom smiles and looks to the left. Maternity portrait by Victoria Vasilyeva Photography.

Moonshadow Medical Massage

When looking for personalized attention during a massage, Moonshadow is the best option, with options for both lying prone and side-lying massages, depending on both the trimester of pregnancy and the personal choice of the mother-to-be. The guidance that is given during the attention at Moonshadow will help you to achieve the level of comfort and relief that is so needed during pregnancy.

Their massages will solve any circulation issues that might arise, such as feet and leg swelling, as well as help with sleeping issues during the most difficult weeks of pregnancy. Their personalized massages, as well as the benefits they promise, make it a great choice for Cary prenatal massages.

Expecting parents are having fun in the park. They are posing to maternity photographer Victoria Vasilyeva Photography and walking around with smiles. Mom with beautiful curly hair in floral maxi Free People dress holds dad's hand and looks back at him.

Swank Chiropractic Sports Medicine

This is a center that offers a wide variety of pain relief services, and its pregnancy care makes it a top pick for prenatal massages in Cary. The techniques used are specially chosen for the needs of pregnant women, avoiding any deep tissue techniques, and instead focusing on areas such as legs, feet, and the back.

The attention that is put into their massages helps with pain symptoms such as headaches, cramps, swollen ankles, and much more.

Lovely expecting couple stay next to each other, hold hands and noses. they are relaxed and enjoy the moment. Maternity portrait was taken by Victoria Vasilyeva Photography in Cary near prenetal massage studio.

Prenatal Massage Cary NC

These are my top three picks for prenatal massages in Cary, NC, which you should think of as not a luxury, but almost a necessity when it comes to pain management during pregnancy, offering a quick and relaxing way of going through the physical strain that this journey brings with it. Of course, they should always be authorized by and consulted with your medical care provider, keeping your child’s safety as a priority, while also putting your comfort up there with it.

An expecting couple, the mom in a vibrant floral maxi dress, and the dad in a brown shirt and tan pants, share a tender moment as they embrace and dance together. Maternity portrait was taken by Victoria Vasilyeva Photography prenetal massage cary nc.

After discovering the perfect massage therapist for your needs, let’s shift our focus to creating unforgettable memories during your maternity photo session – a task I’m more than thrilled to handle! My passion lies in immortalizing the beauty of these precious moments in your life. Whether you’re envisioning stunning maternity portraits, adorable newborn pictures, or a seamless blend of both, rest assured, I’ve got you covered! Feel free to reach out to me today for further details and let’s embark on this journey of capturing the essence of your unique story. I can’t wait to chat with you!

In this heartwarming image, a soon-to-be mom in a blooming floral maxi dress and her partner in a stylish brown shirt and tan pants share a dance, radiating happiness and anticipation for their upcoming journey into parenthood. Maternity portrait was taken by Victoria Vasilyeva Photography prenetal massage cary nc.





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